Hopefully I shall finish "Professional Standards" this week - or next!  I don't know whether to try for an agent again or not. My considerable experience in that field leads me to the conclusion that unless one is a footballer's wife with big bosom who has been thrown out of the Big Brother house, one has not got a chance at all.  My comments/experiences with agents (not least amongst them being Darin Jewell at Inspira) were all on the previous Blog which has been deleted, but anyone interested can e mail me and I will speak.
Things have been rather slow I am afraid.  An old friend died 27 December which has hit me very hard and on top of that I seem to have just about every bowel illness known to medical science and am hoping it is not the dreaded gall bladder. My old pal died four days after surgery (hip replacement) and it does make you think.

I am coming to the end of my fourth "Michael Gregory" book and hope to publish by the middle of February.  It is called "Professional Standards" and is about police misbehaviour, Freemasonry in the police etc.  I am now starting the miserable process of trying to find an agent (a waste of time, I am sure) but will have it out as a E book as soon as I can.

Sales have not been too bad (numbers) but royalties are never worth thinking about.  Still, it keeps me
If there is anyone who reads this on a regular basis (which I doubt) they will have noticed a format change.  This is due to the inability of the previous site builder to change the photo. I am doing my best to come to terms with this new builder and regret (although you may not) that masses of old blog has been deleted.
JOHN RIGBEY is an ex London Police CID officer and – many say – he is no mean
literary talent! He writes crime fiction - about what he knows and
from his experience: his books are authentic, gritty, realistic but
by no means are they excuses for porn. His speciality is the roman à
clef – true life, but overlaid with façades
of fiction – and he does it so well.