Still editing and dotting i's etc.  Just waiting on final comments/edit from James Morton and will go for e book.  Have sent the ms to a few agents but I know it is a waste of time.  Oddly, the books are selling quite well on Amazon but the problem is that the royalties are so small.

We know that hard work never killed anyone - but why take the chance?e
Well, "Professional Standards" is finished after thirteen months.  Just a bit of editing and tarting up and it will be out in E book format. I'm still undecided whether to try to get agent interest but it's so demeaning - like a teenage boy with acne and every girl he speaks to tells him to piss off!
A major hiccup with "Standards" I'm afraid.  Errors with dates/times etc forced quite a substantial edit, but it's back on course now.  Coming to the end and proof-reading etc.  Fiction is not easy and I envy my friend James Morton and his true crime stuff. Still undecided about trying for an agent or going straight into E book format.
"Professional Standards" is taking longer than I thought. It is a complicated story and the ending/editing is more involved than I had thought. Still, I hoe such readers as I will get will find it will be worth the while!

My friend Derek died 27 December. Some rotten sod has managed to hack into his computer and get his address book and send spam/virus e mails to his contacts.  You can imagine how I felt getting an email from someone who I was so fond of - when he had been dead for a month.  There are some rotten bastards about......