I've now managed to get all six books done as paper-backs on Amazon but they are far too expensive. I wonder why Amazon do this (they fix the price), as they must know that they won't sell and there will be no return for them. What can you do?

Still no word from the (possible) agent regarding “Pigs” and I'm plugging on with it (not over-successfully I'm afraid) just in case. The problem is that if she's right, I'm stuffed with the Gregory books as (1) they are “out there” by way of e books etc and (2) the books are being seen as part of a series – no matter that each individual story stands alone. Marketing the e books is the problem: all I can do is Twitter, but it's bloody hard work and not too successful and most of the time I wonder if it is worth it.

I think it was GK Chesterton who said that anyone who writes even a single word for any purpose other than financial gain is a fool. I think he was right!

Quite unbelievably I seem to have an agent interested!! The bad news is that as they see “Charlie Artful” as being one of a series they are not interested in the Gregory books. That said, they have asked for anything I have that “stands alone” and all I have is this thing about ex-pats in SW France (I've got a hang-up about them) that I've been messing about with for two years. It is called “Of Paradise and Pigs” and is funny – supposed to be, anyway! Not easy, comedy, I promise you. Anyway, I've sent them what I've done of it (about 10K words) so we'll see.

My much appreciated and totally brilliant proof reader has finished “Beatles” so I have re-submitted it to Amazon and also as a paper-back. They are too expensive, but Amazon fix the price and there is nothing can be said or done, I'm afraid.

Any comments on this blog would be appreciated. Also see http://bookscribbles.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/scotland-yards-new-manhunter.html if you are interested..............