Sorry for long delay.  "Of Paradise and Pigs" edits are all done and the pubs. are doing the cover, artwork and final messing about. Publication date will be 27 May 2016. I have hopes for this one and am now well into the follow-up (still "Pigs Two" at the moment I am afraid!) which I think is very funny, but I would, wouldn't I? Oddly, I find that writing the amusing stuff is quite easy: once the characters take on a format they seem to do the work for me in a strange way. Henry James ("Turn of the Screw" etc) said that writing fiction was like starting to walk down and darkened street at night and that as each street light came on so the writer could start to see to the end of the road. He meant that the lights were the characters and as they come to life etc.  Very true, I think!