Very pleased with the sales of "Professional Standards" both here and in the US.  Very encouragaing!

Have had agent interest from a firm called "Pegasus" who are vanity publishers. I told them to go away and they said they would submit it to their "editorial" with a view to what they called 'traditional publishing' which I suppose means not vanity. We'll see!

Am well on the way with editing "A Week on the Island".  A super story and I will publish it if only to please myself!
"Professional Standards" was published last Wednesday as an E book and seems to have got off to a flying start. Initial sales have been very good and the sales of the other three were up both UK and USA.  We will wait and see!. Circa 1910 I wrote this silly book about the Isle of Wight, the war and a bit of a love story. I didn't do anything with it, but have re-read it now and having had a cover designed I am going to redraft the ms and put it out later this year. Actually, it is very good but a little short at 60,000 words.

Self-publishing?  I don't mean in e book format through Amazon but through vanity publishers.
  The thing to remember above all is that these people will not, under any circumstances, sell your books. Authorhouse charge circa £500 for publishing and price the book at around £8 and it is up to you to sell it having bought copies (£8 each) from them.  Other firms charge a lot more to publish (I know one woman who paid £8000) and you end up with boxes of books at home and it is up to you to sell them.  And remember, Waterstones/Smiths will not touch self published books with a bargepole.  More on this when I have a moment.
Published "Professional Standards" in e book format today. My feeling is that it will not do much in the US but we'll see.  It's a good story (he would say that, wouldn't he!) and a good read.  I'll try the odd agent: it is a waste of time, but you never know, I suppose.  You can see it in the portfolio section of this site and buy it £1.84 to Kindle or any other device through  Over the next few weeks I will be putting my feelings about vanity publishers in the blog, so interested parties should watch this space!