Still buggering on with “Pigs” which is going well. About halfway now and still very amusing – well, I think so, anyway! When it's finished I'm going to send it to agents and see what happens.

Been reading De Maupassant for inspiration: now, that is hard going!

Heard from the “agent” who likes “Pigs” and wants to see it when it's finished. To date, some 26K words in and it's hard going.

Problem is, they're not “agents” as such but publishers and I am a little concerned. Anyone who writes knows that one cannot go to publishers any more – they won't even consider ms – so I am in a quandary. The firm is called GWL Publishers and they are in Chichester. From what I can see they seem to publish material as e books on Kindle and also as paperbacks on Amazon, which is pretty much what I do myself and once you have done one it is no big deal.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has had any dealings with them and can advise me.

“Pigs” is progressing, but slowly. God only knows when it will finish – or what to do with it when it is!

Still plugging on with “Pigs” but My God writing comedy is not easy. It is not “dialogue comedy” but situation and events, rather like Three Men in a Boat, but not easy at all. Still no news from putative agent but hope springs eternal!