Back from France Friday evening last. Very enjoyable as usual, but getting more tiring every year now.  Age, I imagine!  Very good review of "Standards" now on Amazon.  Copy and paste if you are interested.  Sales still okay but never anything in Canada or Oz - sad, really.

"Standards" is still doing quite well and the other three are moving along as well. I have all but finished "A Week on the Island" and have found a small IOW publisher who is interested. I have sent them a detailed synopsis plus 50 pages and await results.

With agents and publishers so reticent to take anyone new, the damn self-publishers seem to be becoming more and more active.  Believe me, this is a dangerous and totally useless way forward - unless you are prepared to have a garage full of books and go out and hawk them. Anyone who wants to share my experiences can e mail me as shown and I will be very pleased to help.

France on Wednesday night for Easter and wife's aunt's 100th birthday do. Back 24 April.
The new book is doing very well although sales have slowed now after the initial flurry of activity. I have had two very good and totally unsolicited (I promise) reviews from someone in California.  They are on Amazon and anyone interested can access them by copying and pasting and

Still editing the IOW and have interest from a local,(Island) publisher.