Well, "Pigs" is due to be published 27 May. I would say that I was excited - not a word I like at all, but I am, well, let's say hopeful.  I' attaching the back-cover "blurb" so that the one or two people who read this crap may get some idea what the book is about.

"Set in the village of Saint Laurent-des-Anges (or Saint Laurent-des-Anglais) “Of Paradise and Pigs” is a story of British ex-pats and their Gallic hosts in rural South West France. 

When Solange Guilbeault's truffle-hunting pig, Mauricette, ventures into snobbish Nigel and Lucy Barclay-Jones' manicured garden and wreaks untold havoc and damage they decide on legal action.  Within days, and in an act of retaliation, the use of the cricket field is withdrawn by the French owner, who is also Solange's uncle. He then commences counter-litigation on the grounds that Mauricette was harmed by Lucy Barclay-Jones who hit it on the snout with a spade, and that resulting from this the pig has lost her ability to scent the valuable truffles, thereby denying Solange her living.

As can be imagined, that Nigel Barclay-Jones develops a passionate attraction for the hard-drinking, manly and dissolute, but thoroughly irrepressible Solange does not help. To this already sensitive situation, factor in the secretary of the cricket club the priggish Norman Titley, his mistress Elvira Wormley-Gough and their bizarre periods of afternoon recreation and the results are predictably, well, very much along the lines of a French Farce! Amongst other beautifully drawn characters are the dishonest village mayor and his alcoholic mother and, of course, Mauricette – an unpleasant, evil-minded and largely incontinent cochon truffier. 

Combine all of this with a great deal of misbehaviour on both sides, ex-pat and French, and the result is a most enjoyable and hilarious novel from this popular author.

“Of Paradise and Pigs” will make you laugh and it will make you cry – but above all it will entertain…."

No doubt that the two relatively attractive females (one released from prison in Peru yesterday and the second shortly to follow) for handling a million pounds worth of cocaine will have books on Waterstones shelves within weeks, this to be followed in a year or so by the hideous memoirs of the sex-mad footballer from Sunderland, no doubt covering his lust for life, under-age sex and his prediction for animals. Shame he didn't try lions!  The literary agents should hang their heads in shame.