For anyone who interested, someone in California has posted a complete review and appraisal of my four books. I promise you that I do not know him, have never met him and have not paid him (as if I would!).  The review can be seen at
What I don't understand is why - if they're so bloody good - won't agents look at me? 
Another super review, this time for "The Luciano Legacy".  If anyone's interested it can be seen at link  Sales have slowed and I suspect that in Oz and Canada people either have no money (£1.84 per e book!!!) or they cannot read.  Or - and more likely - they are not interested in my books.  Still waiting to hear from Isle of Wight publishers re:  "A Week on the Island" and have now started "Of Paradise and Pigs" - comedy (I hope) about ex pats in SW France. (The 'pig' is a truffle pig, by the way!)

Still editing and tarting-up "A Week on the Island".  Have sent synopsis + pages to two IOW publishers and am awaiting response.  As it is IOW based and focused there I do no see much hope in the greater world, so to speak.  I wrote the thing more as a form of amusement, but it may do well as a sort of "holiday read" for people visiting the Isle of Wight. We'll see, but I do not live in much hope. 

"Professional Standards" is still doing quite well, as are the other three. Royalties dribble in from time to time but still no interest from agents, but then again, who would take a fiscal risk on an unknown? It's a hard world, but it keeps me amused.