I have now
finished “Pigs” and sent to a series of agents. I do not hold out much hope,
though. I think it's a good story, very funny and at the same time quite sad. 
If it only goes as an e book, marketing will be the problem because the main
appeal will be to ex-pats in SW France. To advertise in the local mag there is
£200 per month!!  Sometimes (often) I wonder why I do this!!


Well,”Pigs”  will be finished in the next few days! A re-read through and the off to a dozen  or so agents and sit back and wait. It's good, I think: an amusing story and the  few that have read drafts and extracts all like it very much, My feeling is that
coming from an unknown author it has got no chance at all, but I have to try.
Watch this space!!

 Authorhouse  phoned me from Amerca last week about “Folmer”: the usual crap about marketing,  possible Hollywood interest if it was made into a filmscript (at enormous cost,  of course). A real con. I told the chap that I was quite sure that if I copied  out the first 400 pages of the Old Testament and sent it to them they would  publish it and he didn't disagree. What they do is so, so legal – but (and see
early pp of this blog) like so many they prey on the “writing