Well, "Of Paradise and Pigs" is out through Amazon. Much is due to my publishers GWL in Chichester who have been a great help and who were always there when I needed them, which was quite often. Through Twitter I am trying to get to the thousands of Brit ex pats in France and hopefully my pages of satire and humour will take their minds of petrol strikes, the referendum and the price of beer and how much you get in France for an alleged pint!
"Pigs Two" is about halfway through and the working title is "Of Paradise and Miss Jane Pollitt". Back in St. Laurent-des-Anglais with some of the original characters and a host of fresh eccentricity from both English and French.
"Salmon Sandwiches (aka "Arsenic and Mercy Quint" is almost done and will be sent to publishers this week, I hope.  Based on R -v- Sarah Anne Hearn 1931 it is a super story and some fictionalisation and changes makes for a riveting page turner.
Thanks to those who made comments: they are much appreciated and are always welcome......
Have come to a block on "Pigs Two" and have gone back to "Salmon Sandwiches" which is now very nearly finished. I think it is such a good story and hope the publishers think so too!  With "Pigs One" being out next week, have now found an ex pat newspaper in France which will carry an ad for me for three months at reasonable cost, so that's hopeful as well.
Have not been well with some sort of flu for weeks and that always leaves me not wanting to do much, but hopeful that's over no and when SS is finished and sent to pubs, I'll be back on Pigs Two again.   Please God I live that long! 
A odd comment on this thing would be nice!