Published "A Week on the Island" as an e book on Saturday 28 June. The problem is going to be marketing it on the IOW but I will do my best. Can be seen at portfolio and also at Amazon. With the decks now cleared, so to speak, I can get on with Gregory number 5.  Still no title but it will come I expect.
Well, the alleged publisher on the IOW let me down. When I sent the synopsis etc (7 April) he seemed very keen and interested. Since then nothing. Six weeks ago it was "Yes, I'll read it this week" but nothing.  Not a word. No replies to e mails/phone calls, just nothing.  Forget the disappointment - what about the rudeness?  Still, takes all sorts, I suppose - and who wants to waste time on a crap writer like me? Never mind: I will put it out in e book format. What can I lose?

The new "Gregory" is going on quite well.  These things take time though.....
Mr. Twain (comments above) says "kill off Gregory and get a younger (woman) detective.  Well, all advice is welcome and considered but I see problems with that. Lewis after Morse?  Awful. An assortment of Glasgow cops after Jim Taggart?  Worse. My stories are accurate police procedurals, not whodunnits and the reviews I am getting seem to like Gregory.  I know that Mr. T thinks that a young woman would appeal to the younger reader but does the younger reader want real police activity or whodunnits?  The latter, I suspect.  Eastenders last night has one of the (female) investigators of the murder of Lucy Beale sleeping with one of the main suspects!  True life or TV fantasy?  Come on.........!
The new Gregory - no title yet, I'm afraid - is going well. I have decided to retire the old bastard but he'll get a job as a managing clerk with Solicitors which can open up all sorts of interesting avenues - if I have the energy and manage to stay alive to do any more after this one.  Sales are not too good but never mind.

The IOW publishers have not been back about "A Week on the Island" and I will have to take the bull by the horns. If they do not want it, I will publish it as an e book and blast it on Twitter all over the Isle of Wight.

"Rowling writes for millions, I just write for free - Everybody's making it big but me...." (apologies to Doctor Hook).

If anyone ever reads this crap, a comment would be nice!
I have had to put the French thing on hold for the time being. I just cannot seem to further it at all at the moment but it may come in time. In  the meantime I have started on the fifth "Gregory" - mainly due to being prompted by such readers as I have.  It seems okay, but have not come up with a title yet so watch this space!

Did anyone see the awful programme about Police Commissioners (channel 4 last Friday)?  What in the name of Holy Hell are we doing employing people like this to run police forces?  Truly, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!!