As I have mentioned, "Arsenic and Mercy Quint" is now with the publishers and I am waiting - rather like waiting for test results from the quacks! Arsenic was very painful and cruel manner of disposing of one's enemies which is now long out of fashion, thank God, but if anyone is interested in how it worked send a message and I will send an extract from the proposed book. 
Meanwhile, as far as I can see "Pigs" is doing okay: have heard no more from the French radio station, but the advert in France starts next week. 
Back at the keyboard, "Pigs Two"(likely title "Of Paradise and Miss Jane Pollitt") is moving along quite well, so try not to forget me".
Readers of ghost-written semi-fiction will no doubt be on the look-out for the crap I am sure will soon be published by the shapely cocaine smuggler recently released from prison in Peru. Publishers and agents should hang their heads in shame favouring convicted criminals and ignoring hardworking writers: their lists will never be "too full" for the winsome female drug pusher, nor will their material be "not quite right for us."  As Clarence Darrow said "There is no such thing as justice - in or outside of court".
Well, “Mrs. Hearn” aka “Salmon Sandwiches” and (I know!) aka “Arsenic and Mercy Quint” is finished and sent off to the publishers and I am now in their hands. They are not big in publishing fact, but it has been very largely fictionalised with names/locations changed and some larger than life characters and they seem to be quite interested and say it “may have legs”.
So now it's back in France to “Pigs Two” and the activities of ex pats and their Gallic hosts in St. Laurent-des-Anglais. No pigs this visit, but – well, you'll have to wait and see! 
Although I cannot tell, I sense that Pigs One may be doing quite well. Certainly the two radio slots I am negotiating plus the three month advert in an ex-pat newspaper (Connexion) will make a difference. Insha'Allah.
I have been offered two short slots on a French radio station (mainly for ex pats) to read parts of "Of Paradise and Pigs" which is very nice. Also worth mentioning is that Sidgewick and Jackson (one of the countries foremost publishers) have agreed to publish yet another book about the despicable gangster and murderer Frank Fraser, this one "written" by his sons. The publishers and any literary agents involved should hang their heads in shame, but then again, publishers are there to make money, not to help writers, so that answers it all really.....

Well, “Of Paradise and Pigs” seems to be off to a good start and hopefully there will be some nice reviews on Amazon soon. Publishers have got me to tart up the FB page “John Rigbey's Books” which I have done and it seems to give out a great deal of information regarding hits, visits, etc., most of which I do not understand but I am sure the publishers will and make good use of it.

Nowadays, every man and his several dogs is writing (or trying to write) crime fiction. Inevitably, these books are about two cops and a serial killer: probably because the writers do not have the ability to wrote 100,000 words about one murder and the solving of it. They should read “A Season in Purgatory” by Dominic Dunne. A fascinating book and an insight into how a crime novel should be written.

But then again, who am I to talk? Not exactly successful, am I?