John Rigbey's "A Week on the Island", a reviewer writes: "I'm an Island girl myself and on many occasions found myself smiling at the locations and the characters in the book; the nuances of islanders and their dialect, and indeed the locations themselves do not seem to have changed much over the years! John Rigbey, an islander himself, has captured this beautifully. As well as this, there is a good story, modern day repercussions from a time of war, two touching love stories, and the discovery of the "sins" of ones father and a legal angle thrown in too. A most enjoyable read." And all for £1.85 e book!

"Island" is proving to be the problem I thought it would.  As detailed, the so-called IOW publishers let me down, the local paper is too expensive to take an ad. and tweeting doesn't seem to work at all well. Should have stuck to crime and Gregory which I know and know how to market. Still, "Island" was really only a whim, amusement if you like, so there's not a lot to lose.

The new Gregory (still no title) is progressing.  Hope I live long enough to finish it!
The EEC (Whom God Preserve) has decreed that eating skate wings cooked in black butter is a cancer risk. Well, for those (like myself) who are happy to take an occasional chance (if only to stick a middle finger up at Brussels Bureaucrats' Bullshit), here is my recipe for this timeless and wonderful classic.
Well season your skate wings and gently fry for three minutes each side in butter. The amount of butter will depend on the amount of fish.
The butter will turn brown. Take up the fish and keep warm. To the butter add a handful of capers and vinegar to taste, heat through, check the seasoning, and pour over the skate and boiled potatoes. Shimple...........