We live in an  odd world. Friday last I put “Folmer” on Amazon for five days free as an e book.  I know – that doesn't sound like me, but I did it! Now, the E book is priced at  £1.50 (about) or $2.99 (about) which isn't a lot and sales are not exciting.  But, as soon as it's free – nearly 1000 in two days!! Quite amazing that people  don't want it for £1.50 but snap it up when it's free. Or is it me?And how do  they know it's free?  Okay, Amazon list it as such, but susrely people must know  about either me or the book to look for it? And I can't see that Amazon/Kindle  tell them by way of e mails.

Regret I have  been very lazy. Had bad tinnitus the last week or so and have not written a word on the new Gregory for a fortnight. Started again this morning, though, but  finding it hard work. Getting old and fed up, I think.....


Very  remiss of me not to have updated this – not that anyone reads it, of course! 
Still, to let anyone interested know that I have heard nil from agents (other
than two no thanks!) and don't expect to.  Shame, because “Pigs” is a good read.
Will wait a bit longer and then will have to think about e book format and usual
rather pointless rigmarole. I don't want to be seen to be harping on, but I am
quite sure that unless you know the right people or are a “celeb” the chances of
publication or agent interest are all but nil.

 Have  started another Gregory. No name to date.  Will get rid of the dreaded Julie  (his wife) and re-introduce the lovely Cammie Cornish – see “Beatles to Blair” and “Luciano”.  My friend JM wants me have Julie assassinated in Libya or
somewhere (he never liked her) but I think that's taking it a bit  far.

 At  least the tennis is over and the screeching has stopped. Wimbledon all seems so  damn vulgar now – not at all like the days of Miss King and Yaroslav Drobny
(don't ask – look them up!)

Would you buy a second-hand (toy) car from Mr. Tspiras?