Not that I imagine anyone reads this crap, I am sorry not to have done more lately but have been busy with "Who Killed Charlie Artful" which is going very well.  For the first time I can more or less see to the and it is a good story.  Well, I think it is!
The IOW book is selling quite well and I have had a couple of good reviews which is always nice.
Amazing really, that when an e book costs £1.85 ($2.99) there are people who prefer to borrow it from Amazon on their Kindles.
A surprisingly good month on sales with the IOW book doing better than I had hoped. Signed up to Isle of Wight Heritage and sent a Facebook etc shot which seems to have helped. Am now about 25000 words into the new Gregory which may be called “Who Killed Charlie Artful?”. It seems to be going quite well but with the usual long periods of nothingness!

Why do so many people think that all Jewish people are ardent Zionists, I wonder? It's a strange world.