I had a block of about two weeks with the new  thing – possibly more lethargy (I do suffer from that) more than lack of ideas,  but it's now back on track and going quit well. Where to, though, God-only  knows!  Most of my crap, is like that: I have a basic situation and then as the  characters come together it seems to find its own way. Perhaps that’s why I get  so many blocks? Henry James had something to say about that, I think.

Sales have been quite good this month but only as  a result of pushing them through Twitter etc. So many kind people saying so many  nice things and it is distressing to know that the agents etc don't want to  know. Still, I have great hopes for “Pigs” and my publishers, and hopefully the will like the follow up for which there is no name yet!

Well, finally  something good has happened!  “Pigs” has been taken on by a reputable publishers  and I signed the contracts last Thursday with GWL Publishers.  No advance and  they are quite hard with royalties, but no matter and I am over the moon. The  contract includes a clause regarding the next book (if there is one) and as they  don't seem to like the Gregory crime stuff over-much (they say it is a series) I have shelved the one I was doing and have started on another French thing. No  title and no real idea of what it will be, but I have plenty of time as “Pigs”  will not be published until the early spring.  Good news, eh?  And as my mother  used to say: “Everything comes to those who wait”. (In my case twelve years  plus!)