I am coming to the end of “Pigs Two” and am reasonably happy. Whether the publishers will feel the same is a matter for conjecture and, I would imagine, may well hinge on how “Pigs One” has been received. It's a nice story, funny and sad, and I like to think entertaining, but what do I know?

I am tired and although the push to tell a story is still there, very often the energy and the inclination to move is lacking. I expect to hear if “Arsenic” has been accepted in a week or two and that will be a time for decisions, I suppose.

If I had known that getting old was such a bastard, it would have been a club I would not have joined! Still, the quack says I'm pretty good for my age and I've lost a lot of weight, so I may live long enough for my great-grand daughter to get to like me enough not to cover her eyes when she sees me – which is so depressing!

"Arsenic and Mercy Quint" came back from publishers this week to be amended and has since been returned all done as they suggested. Am hopeful that it may get a go-ahead. Still plugging away to end "Of Paradise and Miss Jane Pollitt" and think after that I will be calling it a day and take up breeding slugs. Am too old for all this now and will he happier watching other well-intentioned would-be best-sellers making fools of themselves and living in a bubble of eternal hope.
I see that the nauseous Jeffrey Archer has produced yet another pot-boiler complete with full-page colour adverts in Sunday papers. I suppose if most writers could afford that kind of marketing there would be a lot more “best sellers” about. Just shows what a year or two in the nick and a few quid can do. For an ex-copper from Weston-super-Mare with a limited education, a penchant for prostitutes and perjury and a lot of bloody cheek, he's done pretty well.


Carolyn Mann Marketing does make a huge difference. Just started reading your "The Strange Michael Folmer Affair." Now, this is a good book. The BBC need to pick you up.

John RigbeyThanks so much for your post. I am in my eightieth year and Auntie Beeb is notoriously slow and has little time for old men! Still, it keepe me out of the pub. Thanks again. Rigbey.