I am very pleased to be able to say that my publishers, GWL Ltd., of Chichester, have agreed to send me a contract for "Arsenic and Mercy Quint." Their continued support and faith in my poor efforts is much appreciated. It is a good story, based on a case in Cornwall in 1930/1931, and I hope it will be well received. More news as I get it, but I am very, very happy!
Well, “Pigs Two” aka “Of Paradise and Miss Jane Pollitt” is finished and has been sent to the publishers and I am now in their hands – rather like waiting for the homework to come back. I have been asked to give a signed copy of “Pigs One” to be auctioned for Children in Need which I have been more than happy to do. I pointed out that the unsigned copies would be the rare ones, but it made no difference!

I'm going to have a break now, until after Christmas perhaps. Unless, of course, any silly ideas come into my mind and I feel compelled to write them down. After the US election, if Groper gets elected none of us are likely to be here for very long anyway, so it may not make too much difference!