The second edit of "Pigs" has been finished and sent back to the publishers. A month early, in fact.  Have now finished part one of "Salmon Sandwiches" but will not be sending anything to publishers yet so they have a better idea of where it is going when they see it.
Am I alone in feeling physically sick when I hear the theme music for "Strictly" and wishing that Claudia Winkelman was in a nunnery?
Yet again and I have neglected this blog thing
and am sorry. I have been blasting away with the new thing for the publishers
which I have decided to call “Arsenic and Mercy Quint.”  Have now done 47k words
and will send this when I have edited it to the publishers as a Christmas
present. It is a good story, based on fact and I have always liked it very much.
Of a similar genre to “Dandelion Dead” if anyone's interested.

Am feeling very old and none to well from time to
time and do wonder how long I can go on with all this crap. Can't seem able to
get my e books in Brit libraries: they say I have to be with something called
OverDrive and my feeling is that if I go with them (can't see how to do it
anyway) Amazon will drum me out of the brownies.  Any help from anyone???