I am coming to the end of “Pigs Two” and am reasonably happy. Whether the publishers will feel the same is a matter for conjecture and, I would imagine, may well hinge on how “Pigs One” has been received. It's a nice story, funny and sad, and I like to think entertaining, but what do I know?

I am tired and although the push to tell a story is still there, very often the energy and the inclination to move is lacking. I expect to hear if “Arsenic” has been accepted in a week or two and that will be a time for decisions, I suppose.

If I had known that getting old was such a bastard, it would have been a club I would not have joined! Still, the quack says I'm pretty good for my age and I've lost a lot of weight, so I may live long enough for my great-grand daughter to get to like me enough not to cover her eyes when she sees me – which is so depressing!



Pig Two is pretty nice sad and funny story . But the writer of this article is right that one can get tired while studying it continuously .

john rigbey
10/16/2016 11:45am

what is this nonsense? You have not read Pigs Two as it is not published. PLease do not address me again: I have no wish to avail myself of any of your "degree" services, or anything else come to that.

10/19/2016 3:25pm

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