Well, the good news is that the contract for “Arsenic and Mercy Quint” has arrived. The bad news, the very, very, bad news is that the publishers have inserted what amounts to a form of penalty clause. This requires that if a specified number of books are not sold within the first twelve months following publication, they have the right to require payment by the author to them for costs of production of the book and this could be anywhere between five and fifteen thousand pounds. This clause was not in the contract for “Of Paradise and Pigs”.

This is a very serious departure. I have taken advice and it is clear that I cannot sign a contract framed in that manner. I now need to make decisions as to what to do, and at my age I do not need this. I have two books - “Arsenic” and “Pigs Two” - finished, but GWL will not publish without the contract which, as I say, I cannot sign.

My feeling is that I will stop altogether. I have enjoyed writing but it is thankless and the rewards are small. Over the years I have had many super reviews and countless favourable comments from readers. Success though, real success, lays in marketing and literary agents and publishers are both commercial entities and are there to make profit. It is quite clear that they will not spend money on the John Rigbeys when there is a host of celebrity criminals, footballers wives and disgraced politicians queuing at their doors.

Still, I shouldn’t have joined if I couldn’t take a joke, and it’s no good moaning!



11/03/2016 5:58am

I am both delighted and sad hearing this news. Happy, because we can only wait for the book to be published. Sadly, however, because we there might be extreme measures in order for it to get a release date. Time can only tell if the problems can be resolved. I only wish that the authors will not give up on making this book come alive.

04/14/2017 6:31pm

You should stop writing. It's your passion and you should continue doing what you truly love. Don't let a small joke ruin your love for your job. Find the very reason on how you fell in love with writing and keep holding onto it. Don't let criticism consume and keep holding on to a more positive outlook in life.

09/30/2017 11:33am

Please do not stop writing. As a fan, I have loved your writings and books. It would be a sad thing if you would stop. Those publishers are so selfish. I hope that you would find a way to settle this problem with the contract. It would be a shame if it would not be. I would definitely love to read your newest book so please find a way. I really can't wait for it to be published. Just have faith and all would be better in time. Best of luck for you and your work sire!

01/20/2017 5:37pm

This post that you have shared about Arsenic and Mercy Quint is good but there are a very few things that i would not believe in.


Good news would always win a competition. You can proud of this book!


Indeed, it would be no good moaning.

11/10/2017 8:06am

A very serious departure in funny ways.

01/06/2018 1:04pm

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