I am hard at it, editing “Mercy Quint” and have a super cover done. I will try to get it out in Kindle for Christmas reading, but I get very tired nowadays and am inclined to doze off from time to time, I am afraid, but that may be more due to the scotch than my advanced age!

Thanks to my supporters and readers. Your comments and loyalty are much appreciated and I only hope that “Mercy” will match my previous endeavours.

Based on a cause celebre in 1930's Cornwall, a story of true evil and a great miscarriage of justice. Available in Kindle December.



11/22/2016 1:34pm

Cornwall no matter is a evil story and contains many negative things in that, but indeed and overall it is a good story ad should be considered as great novel as well. Waiting for your more of work like that.

03/29/2017 10:54am

This is a very good and very beautiful post. It is hard at some point in doing any work, but the important thing in that situation is that you are enjoying the work that you are doing. It will make you work hard and not minding the stress all the time. You'll have my support for the work that are currently doing right now and pray that it will come out great and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us, I really appreciate this post.

01/04/2017 7:58am

A very well written post...never read such issue before. Thanks fo informing.

01/30/2017 12:47pm

How many time it takes to write a one book for you? So many efforts to put in one basket.

07/14/2017 8:47am

I saw that and i lived the cover.


Would love to be that part of reading novel.


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