Another 5* review for "Of Paradise and Pigs" by Jim Pearce in France,

"First class read, very amusing.
Some very typical French and expat characters.
I learned much about pigs and truffles.
Hope to see more from this author about France”

Well, GWL Publishers say they will not be offering me a contract for “Pigs Two” so it looks like I have been drummed out of the brownies, buttons taken off and stripes cut away! I want to get “Arsenic” out ASAP and after that I am undecided. I am not sure about doing “Pigs Two” on my own and may spend what time and energy I have left doing something about the pitfalls of Indie publishing, from agents who charge, courses on how to “become a writer” or a proof-reader, weekend seminars for would-be authors – and not forgetting my dear lady friend (dead now) who took out a bank loan for £25K (really!) to have the most awful bodice ripper I have ever read published and ended up with boxes and boxes of the hardback books in her garage, which are still there God-knows how many years after the poor woman’s death. Let’s see…...



12/01/2016 2:52pm

I find this very satisfying and it really open up my mind to the things that I was neglecting, I am glad that I have seen this and this will surely be shared to my friends and cousins as well. Thank you for this and I will often visit this page.

03/29/2017 10:40am

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07/14/2017 8:41am

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Is this a part of your book? It is strange to read a book with a pig as a main character unless it is a children's book! One of the most famous children's books with a pig as a main character is the story of three little pigs. This is embarks a very important lesson to our children! I wish there would be more of this kind of story! Thank you for making one or at least reviewing one! It is nice to read some reviews about something!


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